Unread News

Unread News is a weekly german newsletter and a joint product of me and Johannes. We are both busy in the IT and software development sector and cope nearly every day with news regarding trendy technologies, the hottest consumer electronics and last but not least, new tools for software development.

In June, it turned out, that we discuss these topics very often and came up with the idea to share our mindset with other people from the same technology sector: unread.news was born. The project consists of a weekly newsletter we send every Friday morning. There, we present our personal highlights from this week sorted in the following categories: Software Development, Science & Technology, Digital Transformation, Misc. The newsletter is written in German and will be sent in compatible e-mail format to view easily on a smartphone, tablet or notebook.

In our archive, we collect the latest newsletters to keep history and make use of our social media accounts to keep everyone up to date. If you think that unread.news could be interesting for you as well, feel free to subscribe or to contact us for further details. In the future we plan to promote some products, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, feel free to e-mail us.