RecommendationAssistant is an open source Nextcloud app that is not finished yet and therefore not available on the Nextcloud App Store. The app is the result of my Master’s Thesis (read more here).

The app consists of two components: Collaborative Filtering and Content-Based Recommendation. Due to some limitations and ineffectiveness of libraries for parsing file content I want to remove Content-Based Recommendation from the app. There are different recommendation techniques that can be replace Content-Based Recommendation. But I have nothing decided yet.


  • File recommendations based on Collaborative Filtering and Content-Based Filtering
  • Displaying recommendations on the Nextcloud main page


The app is available in english language and can be translated to other languages.


I am happy to help you in case of any problems. Just send me an email or open a GitHub issue.


RecommendationAssistant is licensed under AGPLv3.


You can contribute to the app by forking the project on GitHub and creating a pull request. Send me an email if you do not know how!


Since the app is not on the Nextcloud App Store you have to install the app manually. Download the app from GitHub and unzip the folder. Move the app in the “apps” folder of your Nextcloud. The app is now available at your “Apps” page in your Nextcloud’s admin section. Enable the app and enjoy 🙂


The theory behind the app is documented in my Master’s Thesis. Feel free to contact me if you need further information.

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