“Currency” brings the current currency directly on your smartphone – the exchange rate is synced once per day wit the european central bank.

To every currency several foreign currencies can be attached for translation. The app also works in offline mode and uses the last retrieved change rate – everywhere you are the app translates the currencies for you.

  • 31 currencies, directly retrieved from the european central bank
  • automatic exchange rate updates every day
  • personal wallet with your most used currencies
  • offline mode
  • translation into every available currency
  • every currency can be recognized by the countries flag

The button “Add Currency” adds the currency to your translation list. A currency becomes removed from the list by tapping and holding long on it.

Privacy Policy

The privacy, integrity and security of your personal data is one of our greates concerns. We only collect and use the data which is necessary to use this app properly. Data will be collected and andled according to the germany data privacy act. The following privacy statement describes how the data is collected and how it is used.

Data covered by the privacy statement

The privacy statement describes the validity according to your personal data (as described in the german data protection act “§ 3 Abs. 1 des BDSG”). This covers detailed information about your person, your belongings, and relations to other persons. This could be information about your name, lastname, telephone number, mail address but could also be usage data from electronic devices.

Collection and usage of data

This application does not collect personal data about you. Your device name (Smartphon ,Tablet, etc.) is the only information which is logged at our servers. This is necessary to identify your device to check wether you are authorized to use the currency values. Additionally this data is used for application statistical reasons. Your timezone and time is collected and in several circumstances some actions (like purchasing an In-App-Purchase) could be logged at our servers.

Transfer of personal data

The above described data is stored on our servers and will not be shared or transfered to anyone, except we are forced by law.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a tool which is developed by Google and is used in this application to present advertising. The user behavior towards the advertising may be tracked and transferred to Google. This service is exclusively operated and maintained by Google, the developers are not responsible for this process and furthermore for the accquired personal data within this process.

Additional Information

If you still have questions or would like to contradict? Please write a Mail.